Free 3D Dice Game 1.23

Source:DTN Brother Tech.

A real 3D dice game on the market, watch the dice jump and roll! NO Cheat!

A Real 3D Dice Game on android market, Farkle Dice Big & Small is a traditional dice game, which players bet on the outcome of farkle 3 dice.
It's a popular casino game which you can play here as a simulation. If you can win on this dice game, you can win on real casino Big & Small game.
With the initial 1000 credits to start you off, you can now explore the various betting strategies. By constantly reviewing your bet history,
you can learn and further improve your strategies!

This is a real 3D dice game, and you can watch the process of dice jump and roll, and no cheat result!

This application requires android2.2+ and Flash Air

Last Updated:2011-09-18 15:55:07
File size:2.59MB
OS:Android 2.2 and up